Almost perfect

Unser ruhiges Stück zum Abschalten.

Nachdem die Motte schließlich zu Asche verbrannt ist, ist der Rausch am Ende das Einzige, das noch perfekt ist.
1. Str.

The twilight colors grey
I'm hoisting my sails
I'm gonna leave today

The ocean like a looking glass
The sun illuminates the sea
Reflections on the surface
Are blinding me


The fisherman throws out the net
The prey surrounds the bait
Another sunset fades to black
In an almost perfect night

Almost …

2. Str.

The twilight colors blue
A face on a photograph
Is all I got from you

I close my eyes, I see your face
In every corner of my head
Little angel
I just want to forget


The addict grabs the liquor
The moth surrounds the light
Another round for lonely hearts
In an almost perfect night

Almost …

The harbour cold and empty
The moth is burnt to ash
Cheerio to my lonely friends
An almost perfect flush