Fairy Tale

Dürfen Rockbands verkitscht sein und Lieder über Feen und goldene Käfige schreiben ?

Wir probieren das einfach mal aus ...
1. Str.

The fading light is painting
Ghostly shadows on the leaves
The silhouettes awake
And form a land of magic peace

On twilight meadows hand in hand
Through fields of golden bloom
The invincible cliché
A promise to escape the doom


But we are strangers now
We're slowly torn apart
We're finally one on one

I guess we're strangers now
I guess we played our part
Now all is said and done

So we are strangers now
About to separate
Although we yesterday were friends

A fairy can't survive the golden cage
Fairies must dance

2. Str.

I built a home around you
But you felt it was a cage
So you became a shadow
A drop of ink upon a page

The puppeteer forgot to play
As the silence striked him hard
Is this reality or a fairy-tale ?
I cannot keep apart


So we are strangers now ...